Skyview is a dual-currency early stage venture capital firm focused on the Internet and technology sectors. We are confident that the technology can change the world in all the possible ways, optimistic about its effect on Chinese society’s transformation and upgrading in the long-run, thus actively seeking excellent entrepreneurs in these areas.

Among two managing partners of Skyview, Andrew Ren was the veteran of Baidu (NASDAQ: BIDU), the initiator of iQIYI (NASDAQ:IQ) and the founder of Yidian Zixun (or Particle Information), while Alex Cong was an early hire of Shanda Interactive Entertainment (NASDAQ: SNDA) and then a partner of Matrix Partners China, a prominent Series-A investor of such super unicorn companies as Ele.me, Guazi.com and Youzan.com.

Skyview’s unique advantages derive from the extensive entrepreneurial experience and comprehensive industry resources of its managing team. Skyview’s partners maintain a wealth of almost 20 years experiences across the areas of strategy, products, technology, sales, marketing, public relations, investment and financing. It’s investors are also comprised of seasoned accomplished entrepreneurs and executives from the Internet and high-tech enterprises, for instance the leading companies like BAT, Xiaomi and Ctrip, as well as from the various traditional industries.

Skyview firmly upholds the philosophy of investing in outstanding entrepreneurs, supporting and accompanying them to grow and develop. We believe that entrepreneurs with dedicated pioneering spirit is no doubt the prime driving force for the human’s advancing to a better world. As an early stage venture capital firm with a global perspective, Skyview endeavors to bolster the most promising entrepreneurs to achieve disruptive innovations from 0 to 1 and sustained rapid growth from 1 to 100.

The Internet in China is indeed interesting enough, yet not useful enough. Having witnessed and experienced the growth of China's Internet hitherto, we are convinced that the technologies and logical thinking developed from Internet industry can reciprocate numerous traditional industries and booster the upgrading of China’s strong basic industries to look ahead and develop. Relying on our solid background in the Internet industry and vast management experience, we are willing to be a long-term partner of entrepreneurs, and render them full support in terms of capital, talents, strategy, management and resources. By utilizing new technological innovations like AI, Robotics, IoT, VR/AR and so on , we shall together explore the platform-level opportunities in the fields of consumption, health care, education, community, social, entertainment, new manufacturing, logistics, agriculture etc. to fuel the technological improvements and business model innovations, to assist the top entrepreneurs to create and achieve the brighter future!